Friday, July 22, 2016

The Kat Von D Serpentina Palette: Worth the Splurge?

The Kat Von D Serpentina Palette: Worth the Splurge?

Does this $45 highly coveted palette really stand up to the hype? 

 With Kat Von D's line being one of my absolute favorite brands out there, I knew before any reviews came out, this palette would eventually make it into my hands. After viewing tons of less than ecstatic reviews from beauty lovers flooding Sephora's website, I still felt that this palette had to be a part of my collection. So, I ordered it from Sephora, but not before doing my research. With eight pressed shadows and one loose pigment, this palette retails at $45, which stands in line next to all of her others. The palette is cruelty free and doesn't contain parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. 

2 days later, thanks to Sephoras 2 day express shipping, I received the palette. The excitement I had from simply pulling this out of the cardboard Sephora shipping box that it came in was overhwhelming. The packaging was thick and heavy, causing it to feel like a seriously luxurious piece, especially in comparison to all of her other palettes. The gold detail successfully amplified the dark and mysterious feel, which allowed this palette to call out to my love of all things creepy. As I opened the lid, and the shades immediately impressed me, I honestly think I gasped, out loud. The metallic sheen of the gorgeous jewel tones caught my eye, and I was instantly in awe. Before I even swiped my fingers across the beautiful, buttery shadows I took a few photos. With so many complaints about the patchiness and lack of pigmenatation of the matte shades, I finally decided to do some swatches. I was hesitant and hoped that everyone that claimed such negative things were simply crazy. I dug my fingers into the metallic shades and worked my way to the mattes. The metallics swatched like a dream and Ankh, although a little chunky, was absolutely beautiful. I finally swatched Venom and Bloodmilk and to my surprise was not as let down as I anticipated. While the pigmentation was not as phenomenal as her Mi Vida Loca Remix palette, I was still extremely anxious to put these 2 supposedly disappointing shades on my lids. Even though the finger swatches were not up to par in relation to her past shadows, these went onto my lids like a dream.

What sets this palette apart from any other palette currently out there on the market currently, is the extreme detail that Kat put into this palette when designing it. From the raised mirror, to the beautifully executed Egyptian aesthetic, Kat really hit it out of the park. I do feel that this palette is more than a piece of cardboard that simply holds a few eyeshadows, but rather, it is a piece of art. A piece of art that has been created by kat herself, along with her Kat Von D Beauty team, which in my opinion, makes it worth the buy anyways. I also think that the shades are quite exclusive, and I feel that some are extremely unique. Bloodmilk, for example, is a one of a kind for me, and many other have expressed the same views on the shade. For the typical consumer just wanting a practical travel friendly palette, I unfortunately don't think this palette is for you, but for those that collect, whether exclusively to Kat's brand or makeup in general, or those who simply want a fun colorful palette, I wouldn't pass this limited edition beauty up. 

Let me know how you guys feel about this palette! I anticipating the release of her new metals palette.

Sam aka TomboyBeauty_

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